There's a big rumor that's been making the rounds online about a high-profile pastor coming to Houston's Lakewood Church for big money.

But is Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church really coming to the Bayou City? Also, can it be true that he was offered $110 million over the next six years?

To verify, KHOU checked with two sources directly involved: Don Iloff, a spokesperson for Lakewood Church and Pastor Steven Furtick.

On Monday, Iloff told KHOU that not only is Furtick not getting that cushy contract, he’s not even coming to Lakewood. When asked about the future for Joel Osteen, Lakewood’s internationally-known Senior Pastor, Iloff said it was “business as usual.”

Furtick recently posted a video to his social media accounts debunking the rumor.

“Something my mom taught me since I was a little boy: always consider the source,” said Furtick in the minute-long video. “None of that is true. I am not leaving Elevation Church.”

That source, which posted the original article that started the speculation, is the Babylon Bee. It’s a satirical website that, at the very bottom of the page, even calls itself “Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire”.

In conclusion, we can verify this rumor is false. Lakewood is not paying Steven Furtick an NFL-level salary. In fact, it’s not paying him anything because he’s not going there.

VERIFY: Sources

Don Iloff, a spokesperson for Lakewood Church

Pastor Steven Furtick


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