A viewer emailed our Verify team asking about an ad that often pops up online.

Leatha Groomes wanted to know if drivers born before 1972 with no DUIs could get a huge discount on car insurance. Our fact checkers started digging into the company she asked about called “Savvy Insured.”

According to its website, the company is based in San Francisco. However, when you search the California Department of Insurance, there is no company licensed under that name. Its address comes back to a P.O. Box in San Francisco.

When you go to Savvy Insured’s website, you discover it’s not actually an insurance company. It claims it will compare insurance rates for you, and its Facebook page is littered with complaints from customers, many claiming the company took their information and either never got back to them or gave them bad quotes.

So while we cannot verify for Leatha whether this is a scam, we can tell you if you haven’t heard of a company, do your homework.

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Savvy Insured's Facebook page


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