HOUSTON - After a Lyft job posting for Houston showed up on Reddit, many people are wondering if the ride-sharing service is coming back to the Bayou City.

Lyft hasn't operated in Houston since 2014, but the recent posting suggests that the company is hiring locally.

The KHOU 11 Verify team did some digging to see if the company is really returning.

We reached out to Chelsea Harrison, a Senior Policy Communications Manager at Lyft.

She said they are hoping the passage of a state framework will allow them to return to the city and they are getting ready to serve Houston residents as soon as state law permits.

Lyft originally left the city after city leaders demanded drivers of ride-sharing services be fingerprinted as part of a security check.

However, a bill that is currently being debated in Austin would take control of regulating ride-sharing companies away from cities and give them to the state.

The bill has already passed in the House and is expected to become law. Lyft is so confident it will pass, they are already hiring drivers for Houston.

So, whether or not Lyft operates here in Houston is still to be determined.

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Chelsea Harrison, Senior Policy Communications Manager, Lyft


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