Have you seen it on your Facebook feed?

A report claims a husband and wife in Mississippi went to a fertility clinic and as part of the process had DNA samples taken. Doctors then supposedly discovered the couple are actually fraternal twins.

Sounds unbelievable, but is it true?

KHOU wanted to verify, and the article is false.

All the stories source a report on a website called the Mississippi Herald. Our verify team took a closer look at that site and there are a bunch of red flags.

  • It's not listed as a member of the Mississippi Press Association.
  • The contact section lists no real people or stand-alone email addresses.

Lastly, a similar type of website called the Denver Inquirer posted the same story written word-for-word in December. The only difference was that the couple in that story was from Colorado.

In conclusion, our Verify team confirms this salacious headline is fake and you may not want to post it.

VERIFY: Resources 

Mississippi Herald contact section

The Mississippi Press Association 

Denver Inquirer article


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