Houston traffic: Oh, how we love to hate it.

Our Verify fact checkers are looking into a question from a viewer who wants to know if it’s against the law to drive in the left lane if you’re not passing anyone.

Their claim is that “camping out” in the left lane, as they put it, slows everyone down.

We spoke to Danny Perez with the Texas Department of Transportation on the phone. He confirmed this is the law if the sign saying, “Left lane for passing only” is posted. If you hang out in that lane, and you are not passing, you could be pulled over, ticketed and have to pay a fine of up to $200.

However, as Houstonians know, you won’t see any of those signs on the Katy Freeway or any of Houston’s other highways. So is there any difference with the far left lane in the city? Perez says, “no,” there is no fast lane, and everyone in all lanes should be doing at least the speed limit to keep things moving.

Even going 5 or 10 miles an hour slower can be a safety hazard. Perez says if you can’t go the speed limit for some reason, you’re better off on the frontage road.

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Danny Perez, TxDOT


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