There is a lot of talk among restaurant goers about one of Hopdoddy’s most popular items: the “Impossible Burger.”

People want the item pulled off the menu after a report in the Los Angeles Times said one of its ingredients isn’t safe to eat.

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We asked our Verify team to check it out.

The burger is supposed to look, taste, smell and cook like ground beef, even though it’s made entirely from plants.

The ingredient in question is soy leghemoglobin. It’s a protein found in soy roots that gives the burger its meaty texture.

Our fact checkers found food manufacturers don’t have to get FDA approval for new ingredients. The maker of the burger, Impossible Foods, says it tried to get approval anyway.

The FDA says when it asked for more information to determine if soy leghemoglobin is an allergen, the company pulled its application.

The FDA says it needs more information before it can definitively say it’s safe. However, Impossible Foods and Hopdoddy say the ingredient has been tested multiple times, and they are confident enough to say it’s not an allergen and is safe to eat.

So though the FDA can’t say for certain whether it’s safe, there’s nothing to suggest it isn’t – unless you have soy allergies, and even then, experts say there’s only a slight chance you’ll have a problem.

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