Our Verify fact checkers are looking into a photo you may have seen making the rounds on social media.

The photo is of a catfish, but is it big enough to swallow a human whole? That’s the question our fact checkers set out to answer with some help from our TEGNA sister station, KPNX, in Phoenix.

“Obviously, you can’t tell how big it is, but I’m always skeptical as you are when you see an online photo,” said Nick Walter with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Walter raised a red flag about this picture supposedly from Canyon Lake near Phoenix. Our colleagues at KPNX did a reverse image search and found the same picture used dozens of times online in the last 2 years.

Fact checkers got ahold of the original poster, who told them the photo was taken in Canyon, Lake, Texas – not in Arizona.

But then it got even murkier with other postings indicating the photo was taken at Possum Kingdom Lake near Dallas.

Whether or not it’s real, Walter says catfish will never attack people.

By the way, the biggest catfish ever caught in Texas weighed 121.5 pounds out of Lake Texoma in 2004.

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Nick Walter, Arizona Game and Fish Department


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