There was trouble again this weekend at the Free Press Summer Festival. Lightning forced fans to be evacuated both Saturday and Sunday, leading to the cancelation of Sunday evening shows.

It seems like bad weather affects the festival nearly every year. But is that true?

Our Verify team looked into it and found the music festival started in August 2009. There were no weather issues that year.

The following year, FPSF was held in June. For the next four years, there was little to no rain, but it was hot. In 2011, there was record-breaking heat, causing some fans to faint.

In 2013, there was heavy rain, causing concerts to be delayed. There was also a brief thunderstorm in 2014 that affected the festival.

In 2015, the event was moved to NRG Park because of flooding along Allen Parkway. Last year, lightning caused evacuations, and the event was again moved to NRG Park.

According to Weather Underground, the first week of June in Houston is unpredictable, so yes: weather is a problem most of the time.

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