A viewer posed a question for our Verify team about former President Barack Obama's mother-in-law: Is she getting pension?

Paul Broussard says a relative told him that Marian Robinson is getting $250,000 a year in pension for caring for the Obama children while they were in the White House.

Here's what our Verify team found:

- The story originated on a website called TheBostonTribune.com. It sounds legitimate, but it's not. The site is known for posting fake news stories and is currently not operational.

- The story claimed Obama's mother-in-law qualified for pension under the Civil Service Retirement Act. There are two problems with that claim:

  1. The act only applies to federal workers who started before 1987.
  2. Robinson was never paid by the government while the family was in the White House.

So, we can verify that this story is false.