Not everything you see online is true.

KHOU 11 News is verifying whether a Facebook post about key rings with GPS tracking is true or false.

The post, reportedly from Harris County Precinct 5, warns people of crooks handing out fancy key rings to customers at gas stations. According to the post, the key rings are equipped with GPS, allowing thieves to track you to your home.

The KHOU 11 News Verify team called Harris County Precinct 5, spoke to Marisol Martinez, the deputy in charge of community relations, and she said they have never investigated anyone handing out key rings.
Martinez said the post pops up every few years.

KHOU 11 News can verify this Facebook post is false, so we suggest not sharing it with your friends.

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Dep. Marisol Martinez, Harris County Pct. 5 Community Relations   

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