You often hear about the latest headlines when it comes to food and health, for example: “One new study finds coffee can boost your workout,” or “Wine and cheese makes you smart and healthy.”

However, there’s one we dove right into: A study claims eating chocolate cake for breakfast is a healthy way to start the day.

The article claims it’s both good for the brain and the waistline. To us, it sounds like a lie, too good to be true or clickbait.

Our Verify fact checkers did the research and can verify that there are two legitimate studies that specifically discuss the health benefits chocolate for breakfast. One is in the journal “Appetite” and another in the journal “Steroids.”

The studies argue if you eat cake in the morning, you’ll burn it off in the course of the day. If you’d eaten it at night, it’s going to stay right there on the waistline.

The studies also argue that chocolate has a positive effect on cognitive performance and your brain. They say it improves your memory and actually helps you to work.

So, we can verify there may be no reason to avoid that chocolate cake for breakfast.