Our Verify team is tackling a warning being shared on Facebook.

It claims charging your phone under your pillow is a fire risk. But is that true?

Our Verify fact checkers did some digging and found the original post came from the Newton, N.H., Fire Department. It says charging a phone under a pillow traps the heat from the phone, creating a fire risk.

Our source for this one is the Hartford Insurance Company, and they agree with the fire department.

In their 2017 Hartford Home Fire Index, they say charging a phone overnight is a moderate fire risk, but charging it on your bed is a high risk -- the same as leaving a stove on or a candle burning.

According to Good Housekeeping, to cut your risk even more, don't use a knockoff charger. Testing has found some knockoff chargers use sub-standard components, creating a fire risk. It's better to spend a few dollars more for safety.

So we can verify charging your phone under your pillow is a bad idea and not worth losing sleep over.

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