This holiday season, our Verify team is tackling some so-called “facts” about Thanksgiving.

Our team looked at the centerpiece of the holiday: that massive Thanksgiving dinner.

One of the most popular beliefs when it comes to the big feast is tryptophan in turkey is why you are sleepy after the meal. However, that’s false. Tryptophan is an amino acid that does make you drowsy, but turkey does not contain a significant amount, and when eaten with other foods, most of it is absorbed. What is really making you sleepy is overindulging in food and alcohol.

You probably have heard there is almost nothing healthy about Thanksgiving, but that is also false. It turns out there is a healthy ingredient hiding in plain sight: cranberries, which are packed with antioxidants. The tart treats are pretty darn healthy. But registered dietitian Mandy Seay says stick to the whole-berry version – not that jellied stuff in a can.

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Mandy Seay, registered dietitian


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