HOUSTON - In the wake of an emotional video going viral about bullying, a GoFundMe page was set up in the victim's name by a stranger.

It has raised close to $60,000 in donations before it was put on hold by the organizer. Our Verify team is taking a closer look at GoFundMe to see if the money raised in the campaign really goes to those in need.

Our fact checkers reached out directly to the fundraising site to get answers. Here's what they found:

  • When a stranger sets up a fundraiser, GoFundMe says it holds the money. The stranger has no access to the account and the money is only released to the person named as the beneficiary.
  • The site has a guarantee that the money raised will always go to the right person.
  • When it comes to that fundraiser for the bullying victim, the stranger who started it posted an update late Tuesday. He plans to use $25,000 of the fund to create a college fund for the boy.
  • The remaining balance is going to Rachel's Challenge, a charity started by the parents of a Columbine victim. It runs programs in schools to fight bullying and teen suicide.

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Bobby Whithorne, GoFundMe