HOUSTON - There are a old of old wive's tales regarding home remedies for allergy sufferers - but do they work?

Our Verify looked at the research to find effective home remedies:

  • Neti pots: This old school technique has become more and more popular. You will mix a saline solution and use a special pot to pour it through your nose. A study published in the Canadian Medial Association Journal showed patients were able to maintain positive results over a six month period. However, make sure you use distilled water and not tap water.
  • A lot of people also turn to supplements and there is actually research to back up their effectiveness. In a clinical trial, Swiss scientists found Butterbur tables eased symptoms just as much as over the counter antihistamines.
  • There is some research showing eucalyptus oil, another natural alternative, has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. At the very least, putting some drops in hot water will create a menthol sensation to help you breathe better.