A KHOU 11 viewer wrote to our Verify team with a question about airbags.

The viewer wanted to know how long airbags last in older vehicles, and whether they eventually go bad and need to be replaced.

Our Verify fact checkers talked to several mechanics, including those at The Auto Doc, Downtown Automotive Repair and Midtown Auto Service and Repair.

They all said airbags should not go bad. If something happens, a wire corrodes or a sensor goes bad. A warning light will appear on your dashboard.

But all of the mechanics we spoke to mentioned recalls. The Takata airbag recall has affected many people, and drivers should take recalls seriously if they get a recall notice. The recall notice is a manufacturing issue, however, and not an age problem.

So, we can verify airbags do not go bad.

VERIFY: Sources

The Auto Doc
Downtown Automotive Repair
Midtown Auto Service and Repair


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