SUGAR LAND, Texas - Our Verify team is tackling a post spreading on Facebook about Bruno Mars and Sugar Land.

Have you seen this one? It's an article claiming Bruno Mars was heaping praise on Sugar Land in a recent radio interview.

According to the post, the singer's car broke down in the area, and he was helped by several kind strangers.

Our Verify researchers took a closer look and found several similar articles on Facebook. The only difference? Each of those articles included a different celebrity and a different small town.

If you look one about Will Ferrell and Plattsburgh, N.Y., it is word-for-word the same story -- just replacing Ferrell's name for Bruno Mars and Plattsburgh for Sugar Land.

And if you look closer at the website that posted the article, WYNE 8, It includes a disclaimer saying it is a satirical and fantasy website, and none of the articles should be considered true. The purpose of sites like these is to get you to click on articles, increasing their ad revenue.

So we are sad to say we can verify this Bruno Mars post is false.

VERIFY: Sources

WYNE 8 disclaimer

Will Ferrell/Plattsburgh article


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