Before the Metallica concert in San Antonio was able to ‘Fade to Black,’ “One” thing was “Sad but True,” fans were left with no "Whiskey in the Jar” or even a nice cold beer.

To many Metallica fans, "Nothing Else Matters" more than some good music and a cold one.

Rumors about the brew-haha swirled on Twitter with many fans blasting the Alamadome for running out of beer.

But is that what really happened? Our Verify team bellied up to the bar (just kidding, boss) to track down the truth.

According to Alamodome management, they did not run out of beer. They said Metallica asked them to stop sales when the band took the stage around 9 p.m.

Here's the official statement:

"It is common practice for Metallica to request that beer sales be discontinued as soon as the band takes the stage. Thus, beginning at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, all beer concessions were closed. In the future, we will ensure that in the event the artist imposes such restrictions, this will be posted at each concession stand.”

Management says next time they’ll post more signs warning fans that beer sales will stop early.

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Alamodome management


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