Several websites have claimed the stabbing attack at the University of Texas at Austin was stopped by a student with a gun. But is it true?

A KHOU 11 viewer reached out to our Verify Team after seeing the headline, so we decided to take a closer look.

The original report appears to go back to an anonymous twitter account with only 13 tweets. Each tweet is about the stabbing being stopped by a student with a gun.

To find out if this was true, our Verify Team spoke with Shilpa Bakre who works as a communications strategist for UT. 

She said, "This is an incorrect rumor. A UTPD officer took the suspect down and arrested him. We have no knowledge of a CHL person intervening in any way."

In conclusion, we can verify this report is FALSE. A student with a gun didn’t stop the stabbing at UT.

VERIFY: Sources

Shilpa Bakre, Communications Strategist at UT 


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