A bride and groom headed to Costa Rica for their wedding got kicked off their United flight out of Houston. The story received a lot of engagement on social media, specifically questioning if United Airlines could kick you off a flight for sitting in a seat other than the one you were assigned? 

KHOU wanted to verify, and the answer is yes. 

After reading through the Contract of Carriage for United Airlines, we found this:

  • Rule 4 D. states that passengers are prohibited from " exchanging seat assignment without first advising a crew member."
  • Rule 6 J. 4 outlines the punishable offense of "failure to meet the purpose or status requirement associated with the ticket's fare category."
  • Remedies for violation of those rules are outlined in Rule 6 K. which include: 1) invalidating tickets and 2) canceling an itinerary

In conclusion, it's verified that you can be kicked off your flight for switching seats. 

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United Airlines' Contract of Carriage 


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