HOUSTON – Pink or blue – who's growing inside you?!

It's a question most pregnant moms want to know and there may be some clues along the way like the shape of your belly.

We checked in with Dr. Diana Racusin with UT-Health – UT Physicians to verify this one.

"There is no evidence that the way we carry, all of our bodies… are just different and babies are different and they positioned differently,” she said. “Some babies are head down, some are bottom down, some are transverse – it's just our belly shapes are, they change over time."

We can verify – this is false. How you're carrying does not clue you in to gender.

But how about this one – acne means boy.

Our source – Dr. Tarek Fakhouri, a dermatologist with Southeast Dermatology.

"It's not a hard fact but it tends to be a pretty good correlation and that's because the baby boy also needs to have hormones to help him develop properly. In those hormones like testosterone can lead to more acne," he said.

So we can verify - this is true, although it's not a guarantee.

And finally heart rate – fast means girl, slow means boy – let's check back with Dr. Racusin.

“We want a good healthy heartbeat which is between 110 and 160 but both boys and girls can run that gamut and it doesn't predict it at all so again fun but false.”

We can verify that one is also false.


Dr. Diana Racusin with UT-Health – UT Physicians

Dr. Tarek Fakhouri, a dermatologist with Southeast Dermatology


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