Our Verify Team took a closer look at a post that has been spreading around Facebook.

The post claims that a woman and her sister found a $100 bill tucked into their car door handle. She claims the bill was tainted with chemicals designed to make you pass out. Once you're out the bad guys kidnap the driver and steal the car.

So, is this true? Here's what our team found:

  • This post has been around since 2014.
  • In September of that year the police department in Clarksville, Tenn. took to Facebook to warn residents the post was a hoax and could in fact be hackers trying to take advantage of users.
  • The message being spread right now on Facebook is word for word the same as that 2014 post.
  • A search of news stories finds no reference to such an unusual crime which definitely would have made headlines if it were true.

In conclusion, we can verify this post is false. Lastly, remember not everything you read on Facebook is true.


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