KATY, Texas- One of the surviving University of Texas at Austin stabbing victims has been released from the hospital after undergoing surgery and returned home to Katy on Wednesday evening. 

Stuart Bayliss, 20, was released from the hospital at around 2:30 p.m. on May 3. He was one of four students stabbed on May 1 near the Gregory Gymnasium of UT's campus. 

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"It feels nice to get out," said Bayliss. 

Bayliss said the attack happened as he left the gym with a friend. They stopped for a snack and to chat with a friend. Then, they heard screaming and saw two people running, then bumped into a man wielding a knife.

The attackers blade did not hurt right away, Bayliss said.

“It just felt kind of like a punch to the lower back,” he said.  “(It was) not like a hard punch but one where you kind of go, ‘hey what’s up buddy. How’s it going.’”

The sophomore from Katy turned around. He noticed blood on his shirt and a bowie knife lodged into his back.  Bayliss tried to pull it out.

“(The attack) was also holding the blade,” Bayliss said. “We both pulled on it the same time pretty much. So that’s when it just sliced my hand.”

He severed seven tendons, two nerves and two blood vessels in his middle finger. At the time, Bayliss knew nothing about three other men stabbed also stabbed on campus.  One of them, Harrison Brown, died. Bayliss looked into his attackers eyes and saw only a blank stare.

“He was just calm as can be,” Bayliss said. “But I’m not going to lie, he kind of looked like he wanted to kill somebody. I don’t know how that could happen and why somebody would want to do that.”

Bayliss, a future Marine and current UT Navy ROTC member could only think about those standing around him during the knife attack.

“For me, I just went into protection mode for everybody,” he said. “I just told everybody to run.”

He ran leading friends to a nearby library where paramedics took over.

Two days and five surgeries later, Bayliss went home wearing a cast and giant blue foam block on his right arm to help blood flow.

Doctors expect him to recover in a few months. By Wednesday evening, friends raised around $50,000 to help with medical bills.

While thankful, Bayliss shared one request.

“Send more thoughts and prayers to Harrison (Brown) and his family and all the other victims that were part of this,” he said.

Harrison Brown, a UT freshman, died after the attack. 

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Bayliss plans to return to UT in the fall then serve his country in the Marines. He was a graduate of Cinco Ranch High School.