HOUSTON - A group of students, staff and administrators are working on new rules that will decide where people can and cannot carry weapons at the University of Houston.

Texas Campus Carry law allows licensed concealed guns on university campuses next year.

"I'm definitely a fan of it," said UH student Travis Cross. "I've grown up around guns."

Legally, it is a few steps away. But at UH, associate dean of law Marcilynn Burke is leading a group charged with making rules restricting where concealed weapons will be permitted.

"We know that there are concerns about safety on campus," Burke said. "We're going to do everything that (we) can to protect the members of our community."

The stadium, tailgate lots, health and childcare facilities will remain no-gun zones. However, places like dormitories, chemistry labs, classrooms, administrative offices where disciplinary hearings are heard and places where the university hosts summer camps for kids are all considerations.

"The important part is the why," Burke said. "We need to have reasonable justification for where we restrict."

Burke's group has not made any decisions. They are still gathering information and beginning to draft policy, seeking input from students and staff. All were sent emails and surveys.

"We're taking that feedback seriously," she said. "We're reading each email and every comment."

By the end of spring semester, the work group hopes to have policy ready for the UH Board of Regents to review for final approval.