HOUSTON – A man who pretended to be a hitman to help police is now scared for his safety and the safety of his family after his identity was exposed on a national news program.

The man was undercover working with officers when he was hired by a woman to kill her husband in a high-profile murder-for-hire plot.

He claims a national news program “outed” him as the key witness and now, he fears retaliation from the woman he helped send to prison.

The man spoke exclusively to KHOU 11 News. He wants producers of “Crime Watch Daily” to remove video showing his face online.

“They knew that I wanted to be anonymous for specific reasons, my family’s safety to begin with,” the man said.

The show’s producers did not return phone calls, messages or an email sent by KHOU 11 News for comment.

However, back in January, “Crime Watch Daily” staff members called the man involved for an interview. They offered to protect his identity.

“I understand you may be reticent to go on TV because of “Lulu’s” family,” a woman who identified herself as Jen Antonelli said on a recorded voicemail message the witness shared. “I totally understand that. I can put you in silhouette and change your voice so they don’t know who you are.”

The witness first agreed but then backed out when his wife expressed concern.

Later, “Crime Watch Daily” aired a story with audio and video released by authorities that included the witness’ name and face.

“I didn’t sleep that day, that night or the night after,” the witness said.

He is a convicted felon who admits to having gang ties. Though, now he is now married with kids and says he is living on the right side of the law. He believes his past is why friend “Lulu” Sosa asked him to kill her then-husband Ramon.

Instead, the witness helped police by recording conversations and showing “Lulu” staged photos of Ramon’s death. She was convicted and sent to prison for the scheme.

Still, the man fears her family.

“To say that she’s in prison is to say all the lions are in the zoo (that) there’s no more lions,” he said. “All of them are in the zoo. Just because one criminal is in prison that doesn’t mean that there’s (not) others out there, that there’s other people plotting.”

“Crime Watch Daily” no longer has the video posted on its website. However, it still exists on social media.

The witness called KHOU 11 News to share his story hoping it convinces producers to take the clip down for his family’s sake.