Where do you turn when it feels like life has turned against you? One family lost its leader, a home to Harvey’s floods, and a second family home in a fire. Then, came “burglars” with heart who showed the family love.

Just days after 9 feet of flood water wrecked the place, two people with a crowbar broke in.

“Just can’t imagine what’s next,” Lindsay Christy, the victim’s daughter said.

Jan Wild’s dad died in July. Then, Hurricane Harvey showed up.

Christy was on her way to help until her house exploded and caught fire. She and her one-year-old, Rory, got out in time. However, her family seemed to lose everything except one another. Her husband, Jason’s place of work flooded so he cannot work. Half of Lindsay Christy’s 5th grade class in Shepherd lost homes, too.

“We are really struggling with everything,” she said. “They don’t have a home. We don’t have a home. We are mourning the loss of my grandfather. We have nothing.”

That is where those “burglars” come in. They are friends of the Wild family. Amber and Michael simply broke in to find and save family photos treasured now more than ever.

“It’s all our memories,” she said. “It’s everything we have: our childhood, our friends, our old street, Christmas’, all our entire family gatherings, our vacations at the beach. You can just feel how much they loved us when you look at those pictures. You know how much we’ve meant to them and that will just always hold the biggest spot in my heart.”

So while loved ones raise money online to help, Christy’s family finds the greatest comfort in memories saved by friends.