Snow in Houston is a welcome anomaly unless, perhaps, you’re out on the roads.

“I’m originally from up north, Detroit,” said truck driver Clinton Adams. “I feel like I’m back home.”

Adams tried to maneuver up a flyover at Katy Freeway and the Grand Parkway. His car hauler got stuck for hours.

“The sheriff’s department was able to come down and call out the wrecker,” said Adams. “Get me out of there.”

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According to TxDOT, Thursday’s rain would have washed away any brine applied in advance of the snowfall. So crews spent the morning keeping up with the weather as best they could.

“We had an overnight crew in multiple areas,” said TxDOT spokesman Danny Perez. “We had folks who were on standby.”

Both TxDOT and HCTRA, the Harris County Toll Road Authority, say plans change with the forecast.

“In the past, we’ve gotten a lot of rain and then it gets cold, then it freezes,” said HCTRA deputy engineering director John Tyler. “And this time was just snow.”

It was enough snow to shut down a few connectors along the tollways in addition to flyovers like the one from which Clinton Adams was rescued.

“We’ll analyze like we do after every event to see if there are things we can improve on as we move forward,” Tyler said.

They say drivers should also remember not to treat snow days like normal days.

“So slow down and pay attention and focus on the road when you’re out there,” Perez said.

Road crews were able to apply rock aggregate mix to roadways to help with traction. They spent a lot of time to our south as well. Brazoria County, in particular, had some tricky spots.

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