Viewer video from the East Freeway on Saturday shows something disturbing, a toddler on a driver's lap.

The viewer says he shot it while driving on I-10 East near 610.

"People take life for granted," said Sergeant Richard Standifer, who watched the video with KHOU 11's Josh Chapin Monday.

He called it alarming, and said anything could happen at the speed the car is moving at including the toddler getting crushed by an airbag if it deploys.

Or, "if he's standing in between both of the front seats he's probably gonna go through the windshield," Standifer said, who also showed our cameras the inner workings of a car seat Monday.

Sergeant Standifer laid out some of the rules, including that a child has to ride backward in a seat until around 2 years old or when they're around 25 pounds.

Kids are also supposed to be in car seats until the age of 8.

"People take this seriously typically when there's an accident where the child is seriously injured or killed--they remember that for the rest of their days," said Standifer.

DPS says the people in the car could face a Class C Misdemeanor and a $250 fine for not having their child secured in a car seat.

Our crew went to the family's home in Hempstead, but no one wanted to comment.