Time Magazine has released a powerful ‘Person of the Year’ cover.

This year’s title goes to women they call “The Silence Breakers,” who said “me too” speaking out about sexual harassment.

TIME reveals its 2017 Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers

Taylor Swift, Ashley Judd, a former Uber engineer, a lobbyist, and a strawberry picker are featured on the cover.

A sixth woman, who is a Texas hospital worker, chose to remain anonymous. Time Magazine says she represents women are not ready to speak out publicly.

“You know there are some people who may not be ready to come forward and that’s ok too. The onus is not on the survivor coming forward, but on the perpetrator who has committed these crimes,” said Sonia Corrales, Chief Program Officer with the Houston Area Women’s Center.

Although sexual harassment is not a new issue, Corrales says talking about it openly helps keep the issue in the forefront.

“Only when you start changing attitudes at the individual, communal, and societal level, then you begin to change the attitudes against this type of crime,” she said.

Corrales says the Women’s Center’s message to those impacted by sexual harassment and sexual assault is they are not alone, they is help, and they are not to blame.

The Person of the Year issue will be on newsstands Friday.