Two days into the 2017 hurricane season, the George R. Brown Convention Center hosted its annual Extreme Weather Ready Expo.

Organizers estimate more than 2,000 people attended Saturday's event, making it the largest event of its kind in the country.

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Houston and hurricanes have a history, but recent years have shown us the city doesn't need a hurricane or even a tropical storm for widespread and destructive flooding. That's why the City of Houston's Office of Emergency Management teams up with local agencies and media. They start planning the expo a year in advance to make sure we all know what to do if a weather emergency hits.

"A lot of folks in Houston were not here in 2008, the last time we had a hurricane," said City of Houston Office of Emergency Management spokesman Michael Walter. "That means a lot of people don't know what to do. We're really encouraging people to have a plan, make a kit, get informed, know your neighbors."

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