After a record warm winter, spring is following in close step, registering as the 3rd warmest since the meteorological start of spring, on  March 1st. (Astronomical spring is considered the calendar start to the season, and that began on March 20th.)

The warmest spring on record at Houston's current official weather recording station happened five years ago, in 2012. Today, we're about 1.5°F behind that top spot. (Records have only been kept here for 48 years.)

All this heat makes me wonder how summer's going to shape up! What's your best guess?

Note: The thermometer which records Houston's official temperature was moved to Bush Intercontental airport in 1969. Previously, it was located in downtown Houston among the skyline, and when there had been moved from one street to another several times in its history since the late 19th century. Because miles matter in weather, it's apples to oranges if attempting to compare modern readings to records  occurring before 1969. 

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Meteorologist Brooks Garner