HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – County health officials say the public should not fear the spray being used to control the mosquito population in Harris County.

Aerial spraying to combat the mosquitoes is scheduled to begin in Harris County on Thursday, September 14 in the evening. The operation may take more than a day.

Harris County Public Health says the rain left behind created large areas where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. The U.S. Air Force Reserve’s 910th Airlift Wing will fly a modified C-130 cargo plane to conduct aerial sprays.

When will Harris County aerial mosquito spraying begin?

Thursday evening, September 14

How much will be sprayed?

The plan is to spray approximately 600,000 acres, mostly outside Houston City limits

Why is this being done?

To prevent mosquitoes from interrupting Harvey recovery efforts and reduce the threat of mosquito-borne diseases.

What counties will be sprayed?

Brazoria County

Harris County

Montgomery County

Liberty County

What time will the aerial spraying take place?

Between dusk and dawn. Most mosquitoes are more active during this time.

How does spraying work?

A small amount of insecticide is dropped by the aircraft. The tiny droplets are calibrated to float in the air and kill adult mosquitoes on contact while limiting exposure to other animals and people. Droplets quickly break down in sunlight and water.

Is aerial spraying of insecticides harmful to people, pets or livestock?

When applied according to label instructions by a licensed professional, it does not pose a health risk to people, pets or the environment in the area.

Are there any effects on lakes and rivers used for drinking water or recreation?

No. The small amount of insecticide breaks down quickly when it comes into contact with water.

What precautions should people take?

People may opt to stay indoors and close windows and doors.

If you are outdoors when spraying takes place, rinse your skin and eyes with water.

Wash fruits and vegetables from your garden before storing, cooking, or eating.

Cover outside items like furniture and grills before the spraying takes place.

Bring pets, pet food dishes and children’s toys indoors.

Rinse any uncovered items left outside before using.


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