HOUSTON - Melissa Simmons and her daughter, Savannah, made the 9-hour drive to Houston on Sunday looking for healing, but they're leaving Houston broken.

"Now I'm more mad than anything," said Savannah. "It's just insensitive and horrible, and I don't understand why people are horrible."

Savannah, 18, is fighting leukemia. She came to Texas Children's Hospital for testing ahead of a bone marrow transplant in just a few weeks.

After one day of testing, she and her mom, Melissa, grabbed lunch at Cafe Express near Greenway Plaza. That's when someone smashed their rental car's window and snatched what was inside.

"I was just devastated," said Melissa. "People don't know who they're stealing from. They don't know their stories and it was just an awful time, a pretty rough time for something like that to happen."

Whoever smashed the window stole two laptops, and $600 worth of gift cards inside. The gift cards were donated by friends and family to help with travel expenses as they prepare for the transplant.

"Everyone's going through something and they took something very precious," said Melissa. "I have pictures of my kids on that computer that I won't back,"

Savannah was diagnosed in September. The last few months haven't been easy.

"I've felt completely detached from society and everyone my age and everything going on in the world," said Savannah. "So that part has been rough."

Now as they start their drive back to Arkansas, Savannah says one man's selfish actions made things even harder for her and her family.

"If I was ever alone with the dude, I don't think there would be much talking," said Savannah.

If you'd like to help the Simmons family you can do so here.