May is that magical time when Houston enjoys its last stretches of ideal weather before the deep, tropical humidity rolls in for the summer season.

That's exactly what we'll enjoy for two parts of this week -- in a virtual bookend. Today was one of them and tomorrow will be a close second, though a tad more humid. After some big storms Wednesday, we're golden for the last two days of the workweek. (Stay with KHOU 11 this May for the most complete coverage on all severe weather events.)

Beyond the comfort level, then there's what we all know: for a typical 2,500 sq/ft house built in the last 20 years, our cooling costs in Houston double between March and June. Yeah, there's that.

Electricity costs tend to go way up starting this month.

So the, "comfort" of this spring air comes in two forms: physical and fiscal!


Meteorologist Brooks Garner