Bring on the cooler air! We've had cold fronts already this season but they've barely classified as, "cold." Humidity drops with these wanna-be cold fronts (like it did this past weekend) but as of today, October 2nd, we've yet to have a good rush of actually cooler air.

Finally, by the middle of next week, we should catch a break from this summer humidity. Around the 10th, models advertise a, "modified polar" air mass working south. 'Modified' in this context means it'll have warmed up considerably from its frosty start. It'll still be warm, with highs in the 70s to around 80°, but very dry. At night it should cool to the chilly mid-50s with even some upper 40s possible in Conroe. The timing of this first front is pretty typical for our region. The average first fronts do push through sometime in mid to late October.

Another perk of a front like this is that it essentially ends the local hurricane season for the season. The latest hurricane to strike Houston happened on October 15th-16th, 1989.

This graphic shows the orbit of the planet in the HD 131399 system (red line) and the orbits of the stars (blue lines). The planet orbits the brightest star in the system, HD 131399A.

Like any planet, considering this spaceship we call Earth is basically a tightly-packed ball of rocks and water flying around a star at 66,000mph relative to our sun, spinning on a wobbling axis at 1,000mph, it's amazing to me that our seasonal weather patterns are as cyclical as they are. By all casual measurements, I'd expect a lot more chaos with the onset of our seasons. The fact that most weather markers like cold fronts happen within a few weeks of the same date each year, it's pretty much diamond-sharp precision in the scale of the cosmos!

A side note: I wanted to acknowledge the horrible event in Las Vegas, in a personal aside. This human experience seems so consistently filled with heartbreak. Family and friends of the fallen are reeling in pain and will carry that scar for life. For the injured survivors, the emotional and physical toll is different and no doubt horrible in its own way. The rest of us are traumatized yet again.

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