A Houston police officer shot in the line of duty in February is getting a big gift from the 100 Club.

Ronny Cortez, a 24-year HPD veteran, was given the keys to a brand-new van outfitted with a lift for his wheelchair.

Officer Cortez was paralyzed after he was shot multiple times by a burglary suspect. He has spent months in therapy recovering.

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Thanks to thousands of small donations to the 100 Club, and help from the Houston Police Officers’ Union, Officer Cortez and his family have a new way to be mobile again.

“We really appreciate it,” Officer Cortez said Friday. “It’s really going to help my family out a lot. You know, we’ve got a lot of fighting to do ahead of us. We just want to continue on with it.”

Officer Cortez’s family says there is a lot of treatment left to go, and the van will go a long way to help Officer Cortez recover as quickly as possible.