Gathering inspiration from the famous poem 'The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe', a home for rent 70 miles outside of Houston hopes to give you the same feel.

Artist and builder Dan Phillips of the Phoenix Commotion designed the whimsical "Cowboy Boot House" in his hometown of Huntsville, Texas, according to a real estate listing by

The house, set to rent for $1,200 a month, has two bedrooms and one full bathroom with custom mosaic granite flooring, high ceilings, and a spiral staircase that leads to a rooftop deck.

The home was featured on an April episode of Zillow Homemakers where the designer described his inspiration for his original and energy efficient homes.

"I've always been fascinated since I was a child to build houses that looked like the houses in story books: to do child-like designs and use a lot of whimsy," he said in the Zillow clip. " A life without whimsy is certainly a non-life."

According to My San Antonio, real estate agent Dalene Zender said Phillips is working on a "Cowboy Hat House" that will neighbor the boot.

The Cowboy Boot House should be completed and ready for move-in by early February.

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