MCKINNEY, Texas -- The Greeners are not exactly morning people. But you don't have to be a morning person when you're interrupted the way they were Thursday morning.

"It's pounding, ripping, and it's echoing. It's's footsteps," said Patrick Greener a McKinney resident.

All that noise was coming from their roof. The Greeners say it felt like it was happening just above their attic.

"Why was it at 6:40 in the morning?" said an exasperated Paige Greener.

The Greeners needed to have their roof replaced after the many hail storms that have passed through the area, but Patrick says the repair wasn't scheduled for several weeks. Yet there were three men, seen on their home surveillance, on their roof tearing away shingles.

Patrick immediately got a hold of Robert Westin who is with Real Restoration Solutions, their real contractor. Westin told the Greeners they weren't scheduled for Thursday and that the "guys" in the video were not with his group.

Two hours had gone by and by then half their roof was ripped off. Then all of a sudden they were gone. The Greeners called McKinney Police to file a police report.

"It was the ridge vents that left these gaping 5 inch holes," said Paige.

Half their roof was left in shambles. There were wide gaps and scattered shingles on top of their roof.

"There's a kind of a few things that are interesting and head-scratchers to say the least," said Westin.

Thankfully their real contractor came in to tarp it up. The Greeners don't see the workers caught on video as criminals. They really just think they got the wrong address.

"What upsets me is that these people just leave and just leave people with a hole in their roof," said Patrick.
All they ask is for the contractor to own up to it and come forward.

McKinney Police say when the report was taken it was filed under "reckless damage" which is criminal offense.