DALLAS – The city of Dallas is refusing to pay for damage to a woman's car that she says happened when a Dallas police cruiser side-swiped her vehicle.

Darshun Williams says she believes she is collateral damage. “I’m an innocent victim," Williams told WFAA.

She says on New Year's Eve her car was hit during a Dallas police chase.

"Upon them pursuing this vehicle, the vehicle hit my car, and then DPD turned around and side-swiped my car from the front to the back," Williams said.

Dallas police say they were chasing an Escalade that they believe was stolen in a car-jacking in South Central Patrol Division.

Williams says that's when her car driven by her husband was hit at the intersection of Overton Road and Southern Oaks Boulevard.

"If you are doing a high-speed chase, eventually, you are going to hit someone," Williams said.

But Williams’ problem isn't with the Dallas Police Department but with the city, who is refusing to pay her claim. They say there is no evidence her car was hit by a Dallas police vehicle.

"I said, 'Where is the white paint from...because the Escalade was all black?" said Williams.

Williams says her car has $4000 in damages. She says she works two jobs and is frustrated that she is left holding the bill.

"Everything I have I work hard for, so when I don't cause the problem and someone causes the problem, I need that someone else to fix the problem," Williams said.

The city of Dallas will not pay a claim if your car is hit by a suspect during a police pursuit, only if they have evidence a squad car hit you. Even then, they may not pay because it’s a case-by-case basis.

Dallas Police said their officers followed proper procedure during the chase of a suspected violent felon.