Video of a confrontation between employees at a San Antonio Autozone and a man who allegedly stole from the store has gone viral.

The San Antonio Police Department has confirmed that 34-year-old Anthony Corona was arrested and charged with robbery after the incident.

The witness who posted the video to Facebook believes that the incident began after Corona threw something at the employees who were coming after him, accusing him of stealing.

While SAPD has not confirmed the timeline of the events, the video shows a woman trying to run over the employees with a car, presumably trying to get them off Corona. Witnesses say that it appeared the woman knew him.

In the video, Corona shouts “she’s pregnant... my wife is pregnant.” Although later in the video, he recants, saying, “that’s not my girl.”

The woman drives away only to come back, trying to strike the Autozone employees a second time, and a third.

Police could not confirm if the woman in the car was caught or if she will be facing any charges.

We did reach out to AutoZone and employees refused to comment.

Corona was released on bond Tuesday morning.