A Dallas woman said a friend raped her while the two were in Austin to attend the Austin City Limits Music Festival last Friday.

According to the arrest warrant, the victim and the suspect, later identified as Tyler McPhillips, came to town and were staying at a local hotel with friends. The group decided to go to 6th Street and when they returned, McPhillips was allegedly drunk and the other occupants of the room said he was no longer welcome in the room.

Austin police said the victim and McPhillips went to her car to listen to music. During that time, the victim told police that McPhillips tried to kiss her, but she rejected him. The victim said McPhillips was then talking in a way that made her feel uncomfortable so she turned up the music, which allegedly angered McPhillips.

According to the arrest warrant, McPhillips allegedly grabbed the woman by the back of her neck and pulled the woman into the back seat before raping the woman. Police said the woman was able to stop the sexual assault and was then hit multiple times in the face leaving her bleeding from the injuries.

Austin police said the woman was able to escape and ran to the hotel front desk. Police said when they arrived, they found the woman’s car with McPhillips in the back seat, naked from the waist down, and “too incoherent to answer questions.”

McPhillips faces a charge of second degree felonious sexual assault.