A series of crashes on the city's northeast side evolved into a shooting Monday afternoon. And a man who witnessed the whole thing develop spoke with KENS 5 about his experience.

Tomas Subie said he was coming back from lunch around 1 p.m., traveling down the access road of Loop 410 near Starcrest when he watched an 18-wheeler crash into a white Honda, trapping the smaller car underneath it. "I guess the trucker got impatient," Subie said. "He didn't wait. He took him under."

Subie said the semi was blocking traffic so he and a friend got out of their car to help out.

Ironically, Subie said, the man in the car struck by the 18-wheeler was only at the location to help his girlfriend who was just in a crash herself. "The funny thing is, he was there initially because his girlfriend got hit right in the same spot," said Subie.

Luckily, no one was injured in either of those crashes, but traffic began increasing.

Subie said that traffic was significantly stalled in the area at that point and he and a friend got out of their vehicle to talk to the couple in the 18-wheeler crash.

Subie said at that point another incident was unfolding when a man in a vehicle cut off another man on a motorcycle.

"The man on the motorcycle said the driver of the car had originally cut him off, so the guy on the bike was like 'hey man watch out.' Subie said. "The next thing you know, he pulled out a gun and shot the guy in the side."

Subie said he didn't see the shooting, but saw the motorcyclist fall off of his bike before he came running up to the group already waiting on the police. "We weren't able to hear the actual gunshot, but we see the biker pull around and just tumble off his bike," said Subie. "It all happened so fast. The motorcycle driver said it was a blue car."

Subie said he and the group called 9-1-1 and waited for about 15 minutes with the motorcyclist for first responders to arrive.

The man couldn't speak very well but told Subie and the others that the person who shot him was a black male and was traveling with a black female. Aside from this description and describing the vehicle as 'blue,' the man said little else. "He was very pale. He was struggling to talk," Subie said.

The motorcyclist has not been identified. Police said that he was transported in critical condition around 1:30 p.m. As of 5:30 p.m., his condition was not known.

Out of respect for the family, KENS 5 has decided not to share images of the motorcyclist in our broadcasts or on our website.

If you would like to see Subie's Facebook post, please note that it contains graphic language and images of the shooting victim.

You may CLICK HERE for the post.