LULING, Texas – A plumbing business owner cannot flush away the horror she and her daughter witnessed in San Antonio on Sunday.

“My daughter said Oh my God,” Jennifer Patterson said. “I cannot believe he just shot that policeman.”

As Patterson drove toward the Mi Tierra Restaurant for her mother’s 90th birthday meal, she saw San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi’s final moments.

“(I saw) every bit of it,” she said. “Every sad bit of it yes.”

Patterson and her daughter saw Marconi, 50, ambushed by a man holding a gun. At first, they ran.

“We weren’t sure if he was going to be shooting all around the area,” Patterson said. “But, as soon as he shot, he left. We immediately turned around at our first opportunity.”

She saw two men, one of them from Colorado, and a family with three young boys, who were on their way to a movie, stop and try to help. They could not.

Patterson could not rest easy until she saw the accused killer, Otis McKane, 30, handcuffed and headed to jail.

Now, her thoughts belong to Marconi’s family.

“I hope they have the comfort of knowing that he’s caught,” Patterson said. “He’s caught and he’s not out there to do it again.”