The widow of a Granbury man shot to death by a police officer in Arizona said she is "shocked and surprised" at that officer's acquittal.

"I don't feel like Daniel got a fair trial. I think [Officer] Brailsford did, but Danny did not," said Laney Sweet, Shaver's widow.

The 26-year-old father of two from Granbury was traveling in Mesa, Arizona on business in 2016. He had pellet guns he used for work as an exterminator. Police were called to his hotel to a report of a man with a gun, but officers encountered Shaver in a hotel hallway unarmed and intoxicated.

Body camera footage shows Shaver confused at an officer's orders and begging for his life.

He was ordered to crawl towards officers, but he was shot to death by Officer Philip Brailsford when Shaver reached toward his waistband.

Brailsford was charged with murder, and Sweet thought he would be convicted after she was able to review the body camera footage. She lobbied to view it for nearly two years and was finally granted permission the night before the trail began

"I was absolutely devastated. It was horrifying to see my husband treated so poorly and have his dignity stripped from him and be so scared right before he died," she said. "I walked away, and I thought, there's no way this man could not be convicted.

Two weeks ago, though, Brailsford was acquitted in an Arizona courtroom. He had testified that he thought Shaver was reaching for a weapon.

Sweet said she was not angry with the jury, instead blaming their verdict on decisions made by the judge. She said he excluded key pieces of evidence, including a vulgar inscription found on Brailsford's weapon, reading, "You're f**ked.

"All of it goes back to his mindset and that he felt he was above the law," Sweet said.

Sweet has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Mesa and Brailsford, but the criminal case is closed.