BEXAR COUNTY, Texas - Shocking video and audio shows a close call involving gun shots and a kayaker on a local lake.

It's a lake popular with kayakers and fishermen, which is why one man has a warning for others.

Carlos Marquez is an avid fisherman and kayaker. He also likes to document his outings, which is what he did Saturday morning at Braunig Lake. Not far from where Marquez was is a gun range.

He's heard gunshots before, but only off in the distance, not like what he heard Saturday morning.

While Marquez was fishing, video shows him reacting to a loud pop. It was at that moment he realized something was not right, and he was seen quickly starting to reel in his fishing line.

Seconds later, it happened again. Marquez started paddling away, but the problem only seemed to intensify as he would soon hear a whizzing sound multiple times.

“I couldn't believe it was actually happening,” said Marquez.

“I watched the video, and those are actually bullet ricochets, so they’re bouncing off of something,” said San Antonio Police Sgt. Jesse Salame.

Salame said with little evidence other than Marquez’s video, it’s too hard to say where the bullets were coming from. He said it’s definitely a dangerous situation no one wants to be in.

“If someone on the lake, or someone in an area like that hears the sound of gun fire, do exactly what this gentlemen did and get out of there,” said Salame.

That’s why Marquez is sharing his story, because he’s worried someone could get hit by a stray bullet. He’s hoping other boaters and fishermen will be careful when in that area.

“I think the public needs to know about it, and maybe something needs to be done. I’m not pointing fingers at anybody, but it is happening. People need to know about it,” said Marquez.

An official with Texas Parks and Wildlife told Eyewitness News they had a similar problem about a year and half ago and sent a game warden to the shooting range to talk to members about the public safety concern on the lake.

So far, authorities can’t pinpoint where the shots came from in this case.