SAN ANTONIO -- A woman was arrested and accused of breaking into a home to attack another woman with something very unusual, a can of air freshener.

Dianne Byrd-Mathis, 42, was arrested Monday.

Investigators said, earlier this month, Mathis slipped into the victim's home through an unlocked door, grabbed a can of air freshener and started hitting the victim in the head with it.

According to an arrest warrant, someone else was inside the home to stop the attack. Mathis reportedly left the home, but broke some windows on a car parked in the driveway.

The warrant states a second incident happened at the Bexar County Sheriff's Office where the same victim was conducting business.

According to Mathis' arrest affidavit, she threatened to drag the woman out of the lobby before detention officers removed her from the building.

It's not clear how these women know each other, or what led to the animosity.

Mathis is facing a charge of burglary with intent to assault.