A war of words between a Dallas pastor and an anti-Trump protest organizer have made it to nationally televised broadcasts.

Dominique Alexander, known as the head of the Next Generation Action Network and organizer of the July 7 march that was ambushed in Dallas, has organized several protests against Donald Trump outside of First Baptist Church since Election Day.

He called the church a "Mecca of hate” at one such protest earlier this week.

Senior Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist, who has long backed Trump but told Fox News he hasn't preached in support of Trump, appeared on multiple televised broadcasts, dismissing the protests and labeling Alexander a “thug.”

"He doesn't like Donald Trump's ‘hate rhetoric,’ or my ‘hate rhetoric,’ and yet this guy just a few years ago was charged with causing serious bodily harm to the two-year-old son of his girlfriend,” Jeffress told Lou Dobbs of Fox Business Wednesday. “And he's concerned about my rhetoric? That is gross hypocrisy. He's nothing but a thug."

Alexander was sentenced to two years in jail for abusing a two-year-old child, but was released less than a month later.

Over the weekend, Jeffress told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that the demonstrations organized by Alexander were hypocritical and wouldn’t be successful.

“We see the hypocrisy of liberalism in these protests – and that is the most intolerant people in the world are those who cry the loudest about intolerance,” he said.

He went on to call Alexander’s protests “lackluster” and said members of his church are “not haters.”

News 8 contacted Alexander Wednesday night for a response to Jeffress’ comments.

“In a word: Despicable,” Alexander said. He said he was also preparing a public statement, which he planned to deliver outside of First Baptist Church at 11 a.m. Thursday.

“It is clear that he did not get the point of our protests so we will make that clearer to him,” he added.

Protesters have said they'll continue their marches outside First Baptist Church every Sunday.