Investigators will wrap up processing the First Baptist Church crime scene Wednesday evening, but Tuesday night, the healing continued.

For the third time in as many nights, the community came together for a vigil, this time in the small town of La Vernia, where several of the victims lived. A couple hundred people sat in the bleachers to listen to music and be comforted by preachers around the area.

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There were lots of tears and lots of hugs. A lot of families holding their children close, still trying to comprehend the scale of what happened in the tiny town.

"There's a spirit of oneness that happens around an event like this, because people identify with others, and I think sadly these kinds of things draw people close together," said Dr. Lou Jander.

"I worry about a lot of the kids that are fearful. They wonder if church can still be a safe place," said Tim Hetzner. "We live in a world that's not safe, but it shouldn't stop us from doing what we do, and from loving each other and not being hateful."

Many comfort dogs were brought in from across the country at this vigil, too. The dogs brought a little peace to people going through so much anguish. Children spent time with those dogs as they left the vigil.

Cameras are starting to leave the community. Preachers say that is when the healing can truly begin.