FORNEY, Texas -- Home surveillance cameras capture a thief targeting the car of Iraq war veteran Kevin Bowden's Forney Home. Bowden says it's the fourth time in 20 months he's had property stolen.

"It's starting to feel less like a home and more like a prison because of all the security measures I have to take," Bowden said.

In the latest video you can see the thief opens the front door to Bowden's car and then reaches into the center console and grab a forty five caliber hand gun. Bowden admits he left his vehicle unlocked.

"Nothing was where it was supposed to be and the pistol was gone and I was like, 'great here we go again,'" Bowden said.

We first met the Bowden family in 2012. Their home was a gift from the Military Warriors Support Foundation -- a group that helps wounded veterans. WFAA was there during the surprise presentation.

Bowden served two tours in Iraq with the Army. He was injured in an ambush and was later diagnosed with PTSD and discharged from the military.

He's spent years trying to get out of his own head.

"I had gotten to the point where I had left my family and was living off in the woods somewhere," Bowden said.

The house marked a fresh start and for a while it gave them just that -- that's until they got broken into for the first time -- that was about two years ago.

In a shot from a surveillance video from the summer of 2015 -- he caught two men breaking into his garage. Forney police did arrest two men in connection to that case and they've since been released.

"I don't sleep anymore -- It's put me back in the mode of being a soldier and a protector." said Bowden. "I'm waiting for someone to come and intrude into my house."

Forney police confirm there's an open investigation into the most recent burglary and say that four break in's in two years is abnormally high for their town.

If you have any information you're asked to call Kaufman County Crime Stoppers: 1-877-847-7522.