A Southeast Texas congressman has been making national headlines following comments he made regarding Hillary Clinton on a syndicated FoxNews Radio show.

During an interview Thursday on The Allan Colmes Show U.S. Rep. Brian Babin, (R) Woodville, was asked by Colmes about Donald Trump's reference to Hillary Clinton as a "nasty woman"at the end of Wednesday night's debate.

Colmes asked Babin several times if he agreed with Trump that "Hillary Clinton was a nasty woman"

Babin's office released a statement on the issue saying that he had only said that "Hillary has done some nasty things."

At the beginning of the interview Colmes asked Babin who he thought won the debate to which Babin responded that he thought Trump had won "hands down."

Babin mentioned that all Clinton could do was attack and then Colmes followed up asking Babin if he thought it was appropriate that Trump called Clinton a nasty woman.

According to a transcript of some of the conversation...

COLMES: Attack? He called her a nasty woman, is that appropriate?

REP. BABIN: You know what? She’s saying some nasty things.

COLMES: Do you think it’s appropriate to call her a nasty woman?

REP. BABIN: Well I’m a genteel Southern gentleman, Alan.

COLMES: So does that mean no?

REP. BABIN: No, I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty.

COLMES: Oh, really?



Babin's statement...

"I was asked 12 times in the course of two minutes in an interview specifically about whether Hillary Clinton was a nasty woman.

I responded persistently that Hillary has done some nasty things and I stand by that.

That was the point I made.

My comments were related specifically to Hillary Clinton and to suggest otherwise is taking quotes out of context and dishonest."